The world is red as a dead-end

A project well planed will be delivered as requested.

A project that fails is a badly planed project.

Only precise contract and specifications can ensure the customer gets what he expects.

To maximize value, concentrate on features.

A good test campaign at the end of the project will solve issues.

A good engineer can produce reliable estimates.

Management is more important than production.

An experienced manager has the overall point of view, and can thus produce even better estimates.

The agile methodology is about sprinting on features.

Hardware is expensive.

Always start with a good architecture specification and development.

You can’t work with a customer that always changes his mind.

To maximize productivity, make sure your team includes specialists.

To maximize productivity, make sure your specialists work on what they do the best.

An automatic testing framework is a lot more expensive than running manual test campaigns.

An automatic testing framework can automatically test any software.

Clear specifications make everyone understand what must be done how.

Explain that work is a value. Working leads to employees happiness.

To maximize productivity, use your resources at least 100%.

Human resource.

Developers must maximize their time on their IDE.

Software engineering is an industrial process.

The manager’s schedule is so tight, engineers must understand and fit his constraints.

You always work better if you’re quietly isolated.

Your project will be more profitable if you minimize resource cost.

Projects are cheaper if you outsource development or QA.

A precise set of specifications allows developers to produce the expected software.

Problems occur when employees don’t follow the process tightly.

The process must be the same for every part of the company.

You achieve software consistency by sharing a framework that covers every aspect of the platform.

To sprint on features, you can’t share code with other teams.

The manager is the single point of decision.

The manager must control the process is tightly applied.

To modify a piece of code, you must ask the architect.

The more you work, the more you produce.

To control your company expenditures, plan a budget yearly and tightly.

I think it’s more than enough for today. Who wants to go on?

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