About me

Hello anyone,

I’m Antoine Alberti, 10+ years in software engineering, for software vendors. I began working with waterfall-like approaches. They generally became less and less formalized, to become pure anarchy within the team. I had an epiphany discovering scrum in 2003 or so. I realized that people had formalized the answers I never could or dared formalize, answers to the questions I had, and answers to legitimate questions I never thought about.

Since then, I try to apply and foster agile and lean principles as a way to focus on our craft, and on what stakeholders truly expect. Not with scrum in particular, as such frameworks are only starting points for continuous improvement, but with any pratice or approach that can help do better work. As a consequence, I try to look at anything’s in the air: XP, lean, kanban, continuous delivery, lean startup…, any community that can come up with good ideas… or any piece of human experience, whatever the domain.

Because that’s what we work with and for: people.

To finish with this presentation, a few not-so-details about me:

  • I’m mediterranean. Any form of formization is a priori waste. I like people talking and finding solutions, over defining processes.
  • I’m French, thus pissed off.

Have fun.


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