Frugal conclusion

Just in case. These words, and all their cousins, predict disasters.

We add features, code, processes, just in case. I prefer adaptability to new requirements, rather than anticipating every detail.

We create laws that paralyze whole sectors, to protect ourselves from limited harm caused by one black sheep. I prefer detecting problems, rather than preventing their hypothetical causes.

We create rigid processes to make sure of what they create. It may be useful in cynefin’s simple or complicated domains, not in the complex one. I prefer allowing good surprises, rather than avoiding bad ones.

We monitor proxy indicators because it’s easy. Sir Tony Hoare, the creator of null, who named it his billion-dollar mistake, added it because it was easy to do so. I prefer adding something because the need and the solution were validated, rather than because it’s easy.

What a relief when you remove some process, a 300-line method, or one third of the backlog. You can feel instantly your cognitive load decreasing, the blood weight diminishing in your brains. Afterwards, you can’t even remember why they were here in the first place. Let’s anticipate. Verify that what you add is useful. Remove what is not. Slim it down.

The whole series:


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